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04/25/15 11:12 AM




Quatri Mensuram

Quatri Mensuram (QM) has been established since April 1999, built upon the foundation of friends and family. QM is also our World of Warcraft guild. We are based on the Mal'Ganis (US) server. We are a U.S. based guild, but welcome anyone who wishes to play on our server.
We are a progressive guild that is pursuing both PvP and PvE, but will also run instances in order to gear up for the end game. The guild atmosphere is casual in that we all remember, this is a game for fun. If you are looking for a place to call home, our door is always open for like-minded people to join our family. For more information, visit our forums or contact a guild member online.

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Heroic Progression and 2nd 10man Interest
01/10/14 08:37 PM by Netsuai

Yes, it's been awhile, but QM is still active and my time shrunk on maintaining our website.

A quick report is the our core 10man are actively pursuing heroic SoO progression and this week surprised ourselves by one-shotting heroic Norushen! Congratulations team!

Great news! Guild officers Citrus and Berthalta are looking to lead a 2nd 10man team for normal SoO content. If you're interested, please send them a whisper or chat ingame.

As always, QM welcomes new guild members so if you're searching for a casual guild that just enjoys the game, send one of our Officers a whisper or my main, Dezkin.


Seeking Core AOE Healer!
01/31/12 01:15 AM by Netsuai

QM's core 10DS team has a spot for a core aoe healer who's willing to pursue HMs for at least two raid nights.

Our raids nights are Mon/Tues/Wed from 10pm to 1am PST (12am to 3am CST - server time).
Current progression is: 1/8 HM

If you're interested, send a whisper to Netsuai, Ananaras or Nedned.



NEW - Weekend 10DS!
01/18/12 12:52 AM by Netsuai

QM (8/8DS) is currently looking for more raiders for our weekend 10DS raid @ midnight central time. Also seeking any casual players looking for a place to call home. Contact Netsuai or Boomtaco for more info.



11/17/11 01:40 AM by Netsuai

We've transferred over to Mal'Ganis as horde. See you over there!



QM is Recruiting for Firelands Progression!
05/16/11 08:17 AM by Netsuai

Quatri Mensuram (US | Alliance | Gorgonnash) is recruiting for players who are willing to be consistent in attendance for 10man Fireland progression with the focus toward hard mode raids, willing to learn new content, better their class and are looking for a friendly, casual atmosphere. Have a sense of humor and don't be a stick in the mud :P

Currently we are recruiting for the following positions: Tanks, Range DPS (Hunter/Locks), DPS (DKs) and Hybrid healer/dps classes.

Our raid schedule:
10man HM FL: Tues/Wed/Mon @ 10pm-1am
10man FL: Sat/Sun @ 9pm

Core raid spots become available when players are unable to attend that night of raiding. Normal raid times are 10pm server time (Pacific), with invites going out 15mins prior to raid start time.

Our Firelands raid progression is currently at: 1/7 HM in our 10man team. Our raid history progression is as follows: 12/12 Cata (BWD/BoT), 10ICC (12/12HM:A, 12/12:B, 9/12HM:C), 25ICC (11/12). All raids had HMs available for each group.

To encourage consistent guild raiders, we utilize the EGPG loot point system. We've found this system best suits both our hard core and casual raiders.

Our Guild Bank gives back what guildies put in. To date, the GB provides complimentary enchant mats to member+ ranking guildies, flasks and fish feasts to all raiders, and a steep discount on BoE/Recipes and so on.

New recruits will start out at Initiate title level, after 3 weeks of raiding with the guild, you will be promoted to Member level. Members will have a higher priority on BoE items in the Guild Bank. After 4 weeks of consistent raid attendance during your Member rank, you will be qualified to be promoted to Raider. Those with Raider rank will have a higher priority on raid invitations. We also have Friend ranking for those who have friends who want to join the guild and enjoy the benefits of being part of our guild. We are a level 25 guild.

If you have any questions, please whisper Netsuai or Mekea.


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QM welcomes those looking for a progressive raiding guild with a casual, fun-filled atmosphere.
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